Yannick Noah remains France’s favorite person

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 The ex-tennis-player-turned- singer has taken top spot for the sixth consecutive year in the popular Journal du Dimanche poll to find France’s favorite person. Ex-footballer Zinedine Zidane came in second.

With a total of eight victories of which the last six have been consecutive, Yannick Noah is, for the moment at least, in a class of his own in this IFOP poll for Journal du Dimanche, which is held twice a year.

Well-placed women

France’s favorite woman is the lovable actress and humorist Mimie Mathy, a favorite with people of all generations. She came in 3rd, and the next female favorite – humorist Florence Foresti – also got into the Top Ten in an honorable 9th position. That represents an excellent result for what is after all only her first appearance in this poll, which offers voters a set list of candidates to choose from. Another female first-time candidate, comic Anne Roumanoff, finished in 14th place.

Also in the Top Ten were humorist Dany Boon and comedian Gad Elmaleh, although they both slipped down a little compared to previous results. They came in 4th (from 2nd) and 6th (from 5th) respectively. Yet another comedian – Jean Dujardin – progressed into the Top Ten, moving up from 13th to 7th.

Any politicians?

The first political figure to figure in the general rankings was a woman - the well-respected Simone Veil. She moved up from 22nd to 21st.

Ex-President Jacques Chirac on the other hand seems to have lost a little favor, sliding back six places to 41st.

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